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Write a poem in the style of Alan Paton, and win a great prize!
You can start getting ideas by reading some of his poetry.......there is the one that he wrote about one of his charges while he was the Principal at Diepkloof Reformatory...To a small boy who died at Diepkloof Reformatory

The poem on the right is typical of Alan Paton's observations about the inequalities that existed between Whites and Blacks, and his writing evokes the soul of the African person....grateful, simple and humble.

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Alan Paton wrote this poignant poem while in Anerley, a holiday resort on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal on the 8th October, 1948.

The Discardment

We gave her a discardment
A trifle, a thing no longer to be worn,
Its purpose served, its life done.
She put it on with exclamations
Her eyes shone, she called and cried,
The great bulk of her pirouetted
She danced and mimed, sang snatches of a song.
She called out blessings in her native tongue
Called to her fellow servants
To strangers and to passers-by
To all the continent of Africa
To see this wonder; to participate
In this intolerable joy.

And so for nothing
Is purchased loyalty and trust
And the unquestioning obedience
Of the earth's most rare simplicity
So for nothing
The destruction of a world.



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