Visit the places that inspired
'Cry the Beloved Country' and the
early life of Alan Paton
The Land and People of South Africa

Author Paton, Alan
Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company; Revised Edition, 2nd Printing edition (1972)
Type Hardcover
Extent 288 page(s)
Description Paton addresses early the complaints of people outside Africa who lament how "Western, Christian, technical civilization came to an unknown continent, and changed forever and forever the simplicity of its life" . He says to obsess over these changes does nothing constructive. An example of change is in the livelihood of its native people, roughly divided into three groups: domestic servants and factory workers who live in the cities, with a growing number of teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen, and other professionals,those who live on tracts and reserves and lead a tribal life, farm laborers who are paid in kind and basically live from hand to mouth . The year of concern is 1955.


Mafavuke House

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The Alan Paton Centre
University of KwaZulu-Natal
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